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First Workshop at the Fringe!

Hurray! I officially ran my first workshop this Saturday at the Fringe! It was awesome to have friends come to support and also meet some new faces.

We were lucky to have just enough green floral tape to finish everyone's beautiful blooms.

It was incredibly rewarding to just spend time with amazing people making the giant roses. It was around 6 months ago I made my first DIY tutorial on how to make the paper roses and I can't believe I've run my first ever workshop.

To more creative sesssions ahead! Cheers to the new year!

My first group cutting out the templates for their roses.

The lovely Beryl (visitng from Shanghai) wrapping floral tape around her stems.

Curling time!

Ashley organising her petals.

The lovely Lilly attending to her rose.

Carmen and I. My first tutorial on how to make the giant roses was actually published on her blog - last October.

Blooms everywhere!


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