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Filming with Emmy Award Winning Film Director Seth Epstein (LOS YORK)

seth epstein los york natalie wong interview paper sneakers

I remember I was on my way to Kyoto after a particularly bad week at work when I got an email from a gentleman called Seth Epstein. Seth is a founder of LOS YORK, a creative content agency based in the US. Seth himself is an Emmy Award winning director who also won a 2014 ISPO award for his short film 'Walk New Ground' - capturing the powerful story of athlete Trevor Thomas.

After finding out that he was flying over to Hong Kong from LA and he wanted to include me in an upcoming project he was working on, I immediately said yes! Although I can't quite reveal what the project is ... if the interview footage and shots of my work get included in the final cut, it will be the biggest thing to happen since I first made my 100 Paper Sneakers last June.

Whatever happens, it was a privilege to be filmed and interviewed by someone such as Seth and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be involved on such a major project.

Fingers and shoe laces crossed!!

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