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KORÁLLION - Fantasy hand-cut paper artwork crafted into a 3D display of coral

Commissioned by a retail brand in Hong Kong, I was tasked to create a unique display to feature in the re-launch of the store. The display was inspired by the ocean’s naturally forming coral reefs. The work is made entirely from coloured paper using a variety of techniques including scoring, detail-cutting, overlay folding and paper-sculpting. The shapes reference the organic shapes and textures found in the diverse environment of underwater flora and fauna, such as foliose and digitate corals.

There are 26 individual coral types featured in the display. The artwork measures approximately 76 cm x 136cm and took nearly three months to complete.

This was a highly labour intensive project. The first stage involved researching a range of different coral types to allow for shape variations within the artwork. For example, the staghorn coral is interesting for its cylindrical branches whereas the great star coral has fascinating circular cluster formations. The next stage was colour-blocking the display and figuring out the precise position of each coral part. It was visually important that each coral section contrasted to the shape next to it. The third stage took the longest time and involved the careful and precise production of each individual coral part. Some sections took a full week to complete. The final stage involved the assembly into the display and ensuring the coral parts structurally ‘blended’ into each other naturally.

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