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KFC art work collaboration

Art Plastic Straws Plastic Lids KFC Natalie Wong Hong Kong

'Sea Turtle', September 2018

Upcycled plastic straws and lids on wood base

180 cm x 120cm

Commissioned by KFC Hong Kong

As part of KFC's plastic reduction program, the brand has commissioned me to make an artwork made from over 2,000 plastic straws and lids collected in store.

Upcycled art is creating something new and more valuable using disposable materials and products. I wanted to show people all the interesting ways you can get creative with single-use plastics. By creating this artwork, I hope to help raise public awareness about protecting our environment and sea life.

The artwork is now on display at the KFC store in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong.

See the gallery below from photos from the launch day on 08/10/18 with KFC Hong Kong's CEO, Janet Yuen!

See the gallery below for close up photos of the Sea Turtle artwork -

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